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Bag of chocolate buttons
“Chocolate makes everything better”. So says Doisy and Dam, the B corp dedicated to providing the world with fair, sustainable, and fun chocolate. Its B corp certification means the company can’t get away with misleading the public when it comes to environmental or social ethics. But why would...
Cocoa bean and knife
Have you come across Tony’s Chocolonely? If you love chocolate, you might have been enthralled by the silky smoothness of the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate that comes off the bar in uneven chunks. And you might have been pleased to find some copycat versions, in, say, Lidl. Chunky, chocolatey, and...
It’s Future Normal Day. Veganism and vegetarianism were already on the rise in 2019. But in 2020, the number of people giving up meat doubled, hitting almost 500,000. And in January, 12% of people asked said they intended to consume fewer animal products this year. Since the start...
Woman working at desk
To work from home was once the dream. It promised more time, a better work-life balance, and possibly even more productivity. But now that four out of five Brits have taken their work home, the dream has morphed into a real struggle for many. Space is tight. Living...

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