Melting ice
Image by Laurent Perren on Unsplash

Water scarcity in Europe

Switzerland’s glaciers are melting and that will mean less water for Europe.

Switzerland’s glaciers are melting fast and this will affect our water supplies in the future. By the end of the century the ice will only remain above 3500m and we will be facing huge water scarcity in Europe.

The glaciers have lost over half their volume in the last century. Keeping the world temperature rise below 1.5 degrees could save some of the ice. But with modern politics what they are, that’s unlikely to happen.

It’s time to start saving water in your home as much as you can.

  • Consider saving toilet water. Do you really need to flush every time?
  • Fix any dripping taps
  • Shower instead of taking baths
  • Turn off the water while you lather
  • Catch excess water in a bucket for use in the garden
  • Turn off the tap while you clean your teeth

We come from such privilege, making some of these changes may seem uncomfortable at first. But it’s time to take responsibility for our use of this precious resource, rather than simply flushing it away. After all, water scarcity in Europe is going to force you to change your ways, whether you want to or not.