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Robotic lawnmowers: An OPOH guide

If you’re a young parent, or even if you simply have a job, you’re probably busy most of the time. Whether you’re dropping the kids off at school, working long hours at work, battling the queues at the supermarket, or taking the dog for a walk, you probably struggle to find enough time in the day. And the lawn never stops growing. So if you’re struggling to find time to take care of your lawn, perhaps it’s time to start looking at robotic lawnmowers.

A robotic lawnmower keeps your lawn looking perfect. Buy one of these and even the most discerning neighbour will envy you. Put an end to pushing around a heavy petrol-driven machine that’s always breaking down or running out of fuel?

Robotic lawnmowers do the hard work for you, leaving you to do the stuff you love. This may mean you get to spend more weekend time with your family. It doesn’t matter how big your lawn is. Whether you have a terraced front garden, a stately mansion with extensive gardens, or something a little more modest, there will be a robotic mower that’s perfect for you.

How do they work?

Robotic lawnmowers perform one job only. They roam your garden, avoiding obstacles, and use their blades to mow your lawn within a defined area. Robotic lawnmowers require charging via your mains electricity supply and have a run time anywhere between 30 minutes and three hours, depending on the model you purchase.

The smartest robotic lawnmowers charge themselves by finding their home ‘base’, and often report back to you on your smartphone once they’ve done the job. It’s like having a teenager who actually enjoys trimming the lawn.

What about the clippings?

Robotic lawnmowers have not advanced far enough to pick up after themselves yet. But with frequent trimmings, the clippings are often short enough to leave on your lawn. And the mower mulches up older clippings back into the soil, which adds some much-needed nutrients for an all-round healthier lawn.

How do I control my robotic lawn mower?

Robotic lawnmowers can be controlled by your own smartphone. And they are usable in all weathers. They even have in-built LED lights so they can cut your grass after dark. And because they’re often very quiet, your neighbours won’t even know it’s operating.

Will someone pick my mower up and run away?

Newer robotic mower models are packed full of security features, which ensures you know where your little robot friend is at all times. But like all high-end technology, it is worth ensuring your home insurance covers the additional equipment.

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