Woman wearing glasses made of coffee granules

Glasses made of coffee: skinny eyewear to go?

If you love coffee, it stands to reason that you want to keep your next hit close. Now you can keep your coffee on your face with glasses made of coffee.

Ukrainian company Ochis have taken the waste from the world’s favourite beverage, mixed it with flax chips, and created a biodegradable material that feels like plastic. And if you don’t believe the frames are really made from coffee, all you have to do is sniff them! They maintain their gorgeous scent for at least a while.

All over the world, researchers and innovators are coming up with new ways to use coffee granules. With around six million tonnes of the good stuff going to landfill every year, the race is on to find creative new things to do with it. And making spectacle frames is the latest idea.

But don’t worry. Your glasses won’t disintegrate. A hydrophobic outer layer means the glasses behave just like plastic. And they are completely waterproof, so you can even wear them while swimming.

Glasses made of coffee are good for your wallet

The people at Ochis finish each pair of coffee glasses by hand. That means that when you buy a pair of Ochis glasses, you really are paying for bespoke quality. But you won’t pay through the nose. Compared to many premium brands, Ochis glasses are very reasonable.

The frames are lighter than most plastic frames. And, reinforced with a metal core, they are just as durable as any traditional glasses frame.

The company also produce sunglasses using high-quality, polarised lenses with UV protection to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays. The sunglasses come with adjustable nose pads. And you can modify the size for the perfect fit.

While most glasses manufacturers still rely on petrochemicals based plastics, Ochis is one startup company that is leading the way in making ecologically-sound design and manufacturing a sustainable business and fashion choice.

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