Person wearing shoes made of recycled plastic

Recycled shoes: save plastic with every step you take

Every single minute, a million plastic water bottles are used. Most of them end up buried in landfill or thrown out to sea. But one company is collecting up all those used bottles and creating something useful with them: recycled shoes.

San Francisco based Rothy’s have already recycled more than 40 million single-use bottles. They’ve turned them into beautifully stylish shoes so you can work it while you flaunt your eco-conscious credentials.

Rothy’s strive to be completely transparent when it comes to manufacturing their products. They own and operate a factory in China, and all staff members enjoy comfortable working conditions and health and wellness perks. And the company’s 3D knitting technology cuts down on fabric waste, meaning Rothy’s are well on their way to achieving their zero waste goals.

The eco-experts at Rothy’s even believe that shipping can be sustainable. Each pair of recycled shoes comes packaged in its own strong, resealable box. That means you won’t find any unnecessary packaging in your shoebox. And they’re fully vegan and biodegradable.

The fact that Rothy’s offset their carbon footprint means that every pair of shoes you buy directly benefits the environment. And it’s not just the upper parts of the shoes that are sustainable. The insoles are made of castor oil and other recycled materials, while the carbon-neutral soles are rubber or vegan leather.

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But how comfortable are Rothy’s recycled shoes? The company prides itself on their shoes having no break-in period. The shoes don’t stretch at all, meaning if they fit you the moment you first try them on, you’re good to go. For most women, they’re comfortable enough to wear all day. And considering they’re plastic, these recycled shoes are surprisingly breathable. They’re even moisture-wicking, which means you don’t have to worry about smelly, soggy feet.

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