Bamboo and eco friendly dental products

Environmentally friendly dental floss: There’s no excuse Knotty Floss!

If you’re one of those patients who feels guilty whenever your dentist asks you whether you floss, now may be the time to consider actually flossing. And if the environmental impact of those plastic pieces of string is holding you back, stop worrying. Environmentally friendly dental floss has arrived.

There’s a good reason dentists recommend flossing. Gum disease and tooth decay are the most prevailing diseases in Britain. But that needn’t be the case. Follow good oral healthcare habits and you can completely avoid many dental problems.

But for the environmentally aware, it’s not that simple. You know you should floss more but you don’t like the thought of all that plastic ending up in the ocean or landfill for hundreds of years. Recent trends in floss-picks only exacerbates the problem.

Vegan, environmentally friendly floss

American dental hygienist, Elizabeth Martens has addressed this in the design of her ingenious, certified vegan, environmentally friendly dental floss. Knotty Floss comes in both string and pick form. And the original product, made from biodegradable nylon, mint and candelilla wax, comes wrapped in plain paper packaging, eliminating those pesky, throwaway plastic containers. You can even compost the string itself.

The charcoal version is made from bamboo charcoal, biodegradable polyester, grapefruit seed extract, mint oil and candelilla wax. The activated bamboo whitens your teeth as you clean, and the black colour allows for better visibility. It comes on a 30m spool in a beautiful and reusable glass jar for which you can order replacements.

And the charcoal formula and biodegradable packaging aren’t the only innovations. Knotty Floss has carefully spaced knots along the length of the floss. These allow for better grip and help you clean your teeth more effectively.

Flossing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. That’s why Knotty Picks are are so useful. They make it much easier to floss those hard-to- reach areas. They’re made from charcoal floss strung across a pick. The pick feels like plastic but it’s actually bamboo and biodegradable polyester.

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Knotty Floss environmentally friendly floss offers a super-comfortable way to floss. The floss itself is solid with a pleasant taste. And the knots really do work wonders. The re-fillable glass jars not only look stylish in the bathroom but leave you with the feel-good factor when you come to the end of the spool. Then you can simply put another one in the jar. No more wasteful packaging!

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