Pinnk Eco Egg and packaging
Image by Eco Egg

Put all your eggs in your washing basket with an Eco Egg

Ah, the smell of freshly laundered clothes! It’s comforting and it makes you feel clean. But did you know that the cocktail of chemicals used to create that fresh scent is highly toxic and is linked to several health conditions? And have you ever considered the environmental impact of all the plastic laundry detergent bottles you throw away? Eco Egg provides a solution to these modern problems.

Eco Egg has been around for about ten years but it was rebranded in summer, 2019, when investors took over the company. Founder, Rob Knight, originally designed the innovative product in response to his girlfriend’s struggle to find a laundry detergent gentle enough for her sensitive skin.

Ditch your traditions

The idea is that you ditch traditional washing detergents altogether. Eco Egg is a fully recyclable plastic egg that comes with a ten year guarantee. Once you have your egg, you fill it with pellets that last around two months (depending on how frequently you do laundry). With their excellent Dermatest sensitive skin rating and their gentle blends of fragranced oils, Eco Egg’s pellets are certainly doing well in the internet ratings.

An Eco Egg for everyone

Having sold two million eggs worldwide, the product has found its target audience. Environmentalists, those wanting to reduce plastic in their lives, and people with sensitive skin have flocked to the product. Buy an Eco Egg and, says the company, you’ll save about 40 plastic detergent bottles from landfill every year.

It’s time for smarter laundry

The one thing most people complain about is the Eco Egg’s lack of smell. Your clothes will come out feeling clean, but you won’t get the usual blast of perfume you may be used to. Times are changing though and it’s time to smarten up in all areas of life, including those most mundane day to day activities.

Here at OPOH, we reckon human and environmental health are worth this small trade-off. And if that’s the worst people can say about the product then we want to try one! Have you used Eco Egg? We’d love to hear your opinion so log in and let us know. Buy your Eco Egg here.