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We’re opening our very own eco-friendly online store!

For multiple reasons, online shopping is on the rise: In 2020 alone, British shoppers spent around £100 billion online. Times are changing. And though you may decry the death of the high street, at OPOH we are embracing the change. The advent of so many B Corps in the past couple of years has inspired us to do our bit. And that’s why we’re getting ready to launch our brand new eco-friendly online store.

From scrumptious, handmade, beauty goodies by Flawless, to Bamji bamboo toothbrushes, all of our products are hand-picked by us. But we don’t merely choose an item and sell it to you. We also work hard to form lasting relationships with our suppliers. We’ve spent the past seven months reaching out to eco-friendly brands, finding the best sustainable products out there, and testing them out.

You may feel instinctively that online shopping is worse for the environment than traditional bricks-and-mortar shopping. But that’s simply not true, especially if you are in the habit of driving to the shop simply to make one purchase. We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible and are always striving to improve.

We especially want to support fledgling companies, those who are creating the newest and most innovative environmentally friendly products in the UK. And we’re still looking for collaborators. So, if you or anyone you know runs an eco-friendly company or creates sustainable home goods, please get in touch. We need you to help our eco-friendly online store grow.