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Image by Bamji

Is this the most sustainable bamboo toothbrush?

Bamji bamboo toothbrushes

“We’re not changing the world but we can make a difference,” says Martin, psychology student and co-founder of bamboo toothbrush start-up, Bamji. Martin and his colleagues hope to create the most sustainable bamboo toothbrush one day. And they’re well on their way to succeeding.

Bamboo toothbrushes aren’t new. And these days, lots of people are considering how to make dental care more sustainable. But Martin and his fellow students from Radboud University in the Netherlands hope their version will catch on.

Adding something new to the world of bamboo toothbrushes, Bamji has created a toothbrush with a replaceable head. That means you can reuse 65% of your toothbrush, even when you change it.

At present, Bamji’s completely biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes come from China. From there, they travel by train to the Netherlands and are distributed throughout Europe. But the start-up won’t stop there.

Bamboo bristles, circular economy products, and a move into electric toothbrushes: the foundling company has big plans for the future.

So why should you support them now? “It’s a good investment,” says Martin. “We are a company that wants to move in the right direction”. And with every bamboo toothbrush you buy from Bamji, you’re helping them move towards their future goals of offering the most sustainable bamboo toothbrush.

They may be just a little start-up in a big, ocean, but we think that Bamji are going to go far! Order your toothbrush here.