Men bathing in the sea
Image by Artem Verbo on Unsplash

5 men’s sustainable swimwear brands

It’s no secret that plastic is a huge contributor to marine pollution. And swimwear is part of the problem. Traditional swimming gear tends to be made from either polyester or nylon. But while good at drying quickly and wicking moisture from your skin, these fabrics are also non-biodegradable and leave microplastics in the sea. Better options have been available for women for some time. And thankfully, men’s sustainable swimwear brands are now on the rise.

Looking for men’s sustainable swimwear? Look out for:

  • Organic, recycled and certified materials; 
  • Dyes that are less toxic; 
  • Water conservation; 
  • Packaging made from recycled materials. 

Here are five of the best men’s sustainable swimwear brands:


Naeco (ocean spelled backwards) makes recycled plastic swimming trunks from its signature fabric, re-born. Approximately 15 plastic bottles taken from the ocean make each Naeco item. These UK-made shorts come with funky designs of endangered species printed on the fabric. Not only that, all Naeco products are ethically-sourced and manufactured.  


Bluebuck is another brand creating swimming shorts from upcycled marine waste. It works in collaboration with Seaqual to remove plastic pollution from the ocean. This mixture of plastic bottles and packaging is then recycled into yarn and turned into swimming shorts with classic designs.


Riz makes every pair of its swimming trunks from what the company has dubbed ‘rizcycled’ and ‘rizcyclable’ fabric. But it’s the eye-catching prints that make these shorts stand out. Inspired by Japanese patterns and Hawaiian art, Riz is busy forming its own British-made Aloha style. For every pair of shorts sold, the company donates £1 to the Marine Conservation Society. And if you return your worn-out Riz shorts, you’ll get 25% off your next purchase! 


Finisterre has been making sustainable trunks for 15 years. Using a combination of natural rubber and recycled materials, this company specialises in gear for real swimmers. So if you love to hit the surf or go wild swimming, check out its extensive collection. As a Certified B Corp, Finisterre is fully dedicated to creating sustainable swimming shorts without compromising on quality.   


Certified B Corp, Patagonia, is a world leader in sustainability. Among other materials, the brand uses recycled nylon fishing nets to make its men’s sustainable swimwear. And Patagonia trunks have a special finish that repels water and gives 50+ UPF sun protection. The company has also pledged 1% of all sales back to the planet, and invests in regenerative organic practices to help reduce emissions. 

Swimwear is another area of fashion where sustainability is becoming the norm. It’s easier than ever before to buy products made from low-impact fabrics, made by people paid a fair wage, using a circular economy method or low waste processes.