eco-friendly gift wrap

Furoshiki: zero-waste gift wrapping

A furoshiki is a traditional Japanese fabric wrapping cloth that you can use time and time again. It has a multitude of applications. And one of its primary uses is easy, zero-waste gift wrapping.

Why use furoshiki fabric gift wrap?

Gift wrap is hugely wasteful. In fact, 108 million rolls of wrapping paper and around 40 million rolls of sticky tape end up in landfills in the UK each year!

So when you’re shopping for an eco-conscious gift, it only makes sense to consider the eco-credentials of the wrapping too.

Looking for zero-waste gift wrapping? Furoshiki Wrap Company is based in North Devon and is on a mission to reduce the waste from gifting in the UK. Furoshiki wrapping is UK-made and is:

  • Machine washable
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for wrapping awkward shapes
  • Both luxury and eco-friendly

Furoshiki wrapping techniques

Wrapping with furoshiki is simple. You only need the furoshiki itself: no tape or glue. It’s easy to secure the wrap using knots:

Check out the Furoshiki Wrap Company social media accounts for lots of video guides and zero-waste gift wrapping inspiration: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.