Bag of chocolate buttons
Chocolate for grown-up kids. Image by Doisy & Dam.

Ever wondered what happened to fun chocolate?

“Chocolate makes everything better”. So says Doisy and Dam, the B corp dedicated to providing the world with fair, sustainable, and fun chocolate. Its B corp certification means the company can’t get away with misleading the public when it comes to environmental or social ethics. But why would they want to do that?

Part of a new generation of businesses that really care about transparency, Doisy & Dam serves a public that gives a damn too. “People broadly agree that sustainability is important,” say Liv Sinclair, Doisy & Dam’s marketing manager. And according to her, more people are waking up to the importance of sustainability every day.

The company is working towards better packaging, with some wrappers being fully compostable already. But take a look at some Doisy & Dam products and you’ll notice they don’t look like ordinary, fairly traded, eco-friendly chocolate.

The wrappers are brightly coloured, and the chocolate isn’t just bar-shaped. There are balls, buttons, and colourful, smartie-like sweets. “We think it’s about time dark chocolate had some fun,” says Sinclair.

But while they may look like the sweets from your childhood, Doisy & Dam’s products don’t contain nasties such as dairy or palm oil. And the company is committed to producing low-sugar treats too—with absolutely no compromise on taste.

Doisy & Dam sources most of its cocoa from Luker Chocolate, a manufacturer that has made pioneering advancements in ethical chocolate in Colombia. It pays its farmers fairly and can trace the ingredients in it products.

But does it taste any good? “Put it this way,” says Sinclair. “The truffles are to die for and when a box is open in the office, it doesn’t last long”.

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