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4 ethical new year resolutions for 2021

Perhaps now is the time to make some ethical new year resolutions for 2021!

Many of us are glad to see the back of 2020. It’s been long and hard, that’s for sure. But it’s also made some of us think about the impact we have on our planet. So what can we do on an individual basis to avert more disasters like Covid-19? Perhaps now is the time to make some ethical new year resolutions for 2021.

Choose a green energy supplier

When you consider using green energy at home, you might conjure up a vision of a roof laden with solar panels. Solar panels turn photons of light into electricity, and using them can significantly reduce your electric bills. But they can be expensive. And if you are only just embarking on a greener lifestyle, you may not want to dive straight in.

Choosing a green energy supplier is one of the easiest ways to be kinder to the environment. There are various companies now offering green energy in the UK. And you can find the best tariff for you at Money Supermarket.

But if changing companies seems like too much work, why not simply get in touch with your current provider and ask them to use more green energy sources? After all, consumer purchasing power can be a strong agent for change.

Finally, get green in your actions: Turn off lights, don’t leave your devices on standby, and use rechargeable batteries wherever possible.

 Consider your clothes

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we cannot continue as we have been. Fast fashion’s rise in recent decades has meant Brits have had more access to new clothes than ever before. But our new expectations have only led to further pollution and wider global inequalities.

Since 2020 was the year of mass pyjama wearing, fashion retailers were hit hard. In fact, many of them filed for bankruptcy this year. While this is bad news for many in the sector, we now have the opportunity to change things for the better.

We all still need to wear clothes but let’s make more ethical choices. Choose good quality products, care for them well, and support companies with green credentials. And when the pandemic calms down, swap items with your friends or support clothes sharing apps such as Nuw or Vinted.

Let’s end fast fashion together!

Clothing rail with clothes and shoes
Make your wardrobe more ethical in 2021. Image by Sonia Sanmartin on Unsplash

Ditch the plastic

Whether it’s straws in your drinks, plastic-wrapped fruit and vegetables, or synthetic clothing stuffed with microfibres, plastic is an almost unavoidable part of everyday life. But thankfully, a profusion of new companies is making plastic reduction their mantra.

Since plastic is so entrenched in almost everything we do, it’s easier to reduce it from your life in stages. So when making your ethical new year resolutions, why not choose just one area of your life to explore first? Here are some tips to get you started:

The bathroom

  • Use a bamboo toothbrush
  • Choose solid products that don’t come in plastic bottles
  • Use refillable containers where possible
  • Recycle what you can

The kitchen

  • Reuse containers to store your food in
  • Cover food in your fridge with a plate rather than cling film or tin foil
  • Buy lose fruit and vegetables whenever you can

The wardrobe

  • Buy fewer items
  • Support companies that give back to the planet
  • Avoid fast fashion
  • Swap, make do, and mend

Cut down on your meat and dairy consumption

This is a hard one for many. Food is an emotive issue and no one likes being told what to do. But it’s a simple fact that forests all over the world have been cleared for livestock production. That’s not to mention all the air miles involved in getting the meat to your plate. And don’t forget that the meat industry is responsible for many of the world’s annual greenhouse gasses.

Eating fewer animal products is better for you and the planet. Image by Chantal Garnier on Unsplash

While going vegan is not an option for many, we can all reduce our meat and dairy consumption. Oxfam suggests that it may be the most significant thing you can do for the planet. That’s why Paul, Mary, and Stella McCartney launched Meat Free Monday in 2009. Committing to eating one plant-based meal a week is achievable for anyone.

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We would love to hear your input on this one. What have you done to make the world a better place? Have you made any ethical new year resolutions for 2021? What companies or services do you recommend? And what tips do you have for our readers? Please sign in and leave a comment.