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Borrow, lend, and swap: A Nuw you for every occasion

We all want to look our best when we go out, and many of us think nothing of spending money on new outfits every single week. Luckily for us, the high street is crammed full of inexpensive clothes, and the advent of fast fashion has meant that even students can afford to discard garments after a few wears. But this convenience comes at a massive cost to the planet, invisible to us, but there, nonetheless.

The multimillion-dollar fashion industry is the world’s second largest consumer of water (after meat production). It’s responsible for polluting the oceans with microplastics and for exploiting millions of people in developing countries, trapping them in cycles of poverty and forcing them to work in unsafe environments.

It’s hard to know what to do. Social and professional expectations are high, but sustainably produced clothes are expensive. Now two women from Dublin have brought fashion into the digital age with an exciting new venture.

Aisling Byrne and Alison Kelly have created a women’s collective based on the principles of sharing and waste reduction. Originally based in Dublin, Nuw is well on the way to going global. Now you can borrow, lend, and swap your way to looking good.

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Fabulous clothes without the guilt. Image by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

What exactly is it?

Nuw is an online platform that women can subscribe to. The idea is that once you join you’re entitled to borrow, lend, and swap clothes, extending the lifestyle of favourite outfits, giving you almost endless wardrobe possibilities, and building community to boot. The platform differs from renting because, once you’ve paid your monthly subscription, you can borrow as many clothes as you like.

The best thing about Nuw?

It’s not brand-based. It’s not only for women who fit certain dimensions. There is no one style of clothing. Nuw is a wardrobe with something to fit all tastes and needs. Renters and borrowers create the contracts, meaning you can rent for a night, a week or a whole season, as long as you both agree. If you want to share your clothes and look good on every occasion, check out the Nu Wardrobe here.