Wind-proof umbrella: The last umbrella you will ever need

As winter looms and the weather worsens, t’is the season for broken umbrellas. For me, that was a regular occurrence, until I found a truly wind-proof umbrella.

It was a typical autumn day in an English seaside town. The rain was lashing down and the wind blew me sideways as I left home to walk to work.

My cheap umbrella was next to useless. It kept the rain off me for approximately three minutes, but only if I battled to keep it upright. Within moments, the umbrella had imploded.

The day of three umbrellas

In desperation, I stopped by a little shop with a bucket of colourful umbrellas outside. My new purchase didn’t last much longer than the first one, so I walked to a high street shop that’s renowned for selling quality products.

The umbrella I bought there certainly seemed hardier than the others. And it wasn’t cheap. But by the time I got to work – a mere thirty-minute walk from home – it too was in umbrella heaven.

That evening I got on the internet. I knew there had to be a better design out there. I considered purchasing a golfing umbrella but their length put me off. I wanted something durable that would fit in my bag when not in use so I searched for ‘wind-proof umbrellas’.

That’s when I came across the GustBuster. I was a bit suspicious as the price was lower than I had been willing to pay, but the lifetime guarantee sold me. I bought my GustBuster classic umbrella that day and have never looked back.

Who you gonna call?

The GustBuster website bills its products as being unflippable, unflappable, and unleakable, and I have certainly found this to be true.

Its clever windproof design allows the wind to pass through the fabric, meaning it will never fold in on itself, and the release system works as well today as it did when I first bought it ten years ago.

As I walked my dog along a blustery seafront this morning, I remembered that day and felt a certain sense of satisfaction. After all, UK residents are said to spend around £10 million per year on brollies.

I hate to think how many of those umbrellas end up on landfill. So, to the makers of GustBuster, I’d like to extend a big thanks for creating a truly durable wind-proof umbrella.

OPOH recommends

Sold as ‘the smartest umbrella you’ll ever own’, the Classic comes with a limited lifetime warranty. After ten years of use, my own model shows no sign of fading. I definitely recommend it. Get your online purchase here.