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5 energy-saving eco-friendly gadget gift ideas

Water powered clock anyone?

Being a tech-savvy gadget freak can have eco-friendly upsides too. Here’s 5 quick eco-friendly gift ideas that are fun to use and have serious energy saving credentials 

Smart home thermostat to heat your home

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling the home accounts for nearly half of the average home’s energy utility bill. A smart learning thermostat ensures that you don’t waste energy cooling and heating your home when you’re not in it – the thermostat will learn your behaviour and vary the temperature based on how far away from home you are. They can be controlled from your phone meaning rushing to switch on the boiler as you come into a cold house is a thing of the past. 

Water saving shower heads 

Taking a long hot shower after a long day is one of life’s guilty pleasures. But feeling refreshed often saps energy and water. A water-saving showerhead saves water by passing the stream of water through finer nozzles, resulting in higher pressure with less water.

Water powered clock

A clock. Running on water (actually it’s powered by an electrolyte solution involving a bit of zinc and lemon juice). If nothing else it’s cooler than the potato clock you made as a kid.

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Portable solar panel to power your phone

Portable solar panels can help reduce your home energy consumption, save you money, and protect the environment. Some portable solar panels include micro wind turbines to maximize sunlight energy in summer months and the windy weather in the winter months with less solar energy. These are great for camping (glamping?) trips.

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Energy-efficient Smart LED light bulb

Smart lighting comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Being able to control the mood of a room from your phone is a great party talking point. They save energy and most importantly – are really cool.