Scottish sustainability: meet the seaweed company leading the way

Scottish sustainability news is hot this week. In fact, some of the most exciting eco news to come out of the UK came from Scotland.

Are you shore?

Scottish sustainability got a boost this week as seaweed company, Shore wowed panelists at the Food Innovations Awards to win Best Snacking Innovation for its seaweed chips. It was the sweet sriracha that really impressed the judges, but the chips also come in lightly salted and Asian Peking. Alongside chips, Shore sells seaweed clusters, tapenades, and pestos.

Seaweed is a delicious sea vegetable. It’s packed with flavour and nutrients. And Shore works hard to monitor its harvesting sites, keeping its seaweed sustainable and good for the planet.

Resilient builds

Scottish sustainability is also a top priority for the Scottish Civic Trust. They’ve added a sustainability category to the My Place Awards 2021. The Sustainability Award honours landscape and building projects that address climate change.

If you live in Scotland, you can nominate a building project here.

Good news for animals in China

Further afield, animal rights campaigners are celebrating in China. All cosmetics sold in China have traditionally needed to undergo random animal testing. But while the authorities relaxed the law for Chinese-made cosmetics in 2014, until now, it has remained fully intact for all imports.

The change comes in on May 1st. Caroline Ruane, CEO of Naturewatch, said: “Naturewatch Foundation is delighted that the Chinese Government has reviewed the use of animals in testing cosmetics”. Check out the Compassionate Shopping Guide to be sure the products you buy are cruelty-free.