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Looking for a career in sustainability?

A career in sustainability might involve the sciences, civil engineering or economics. But it might also involve media relations, journalism or digital knowledge. In fact, sustainability is a massive subject. And that means it incorporates almost any skill you can think of.

So you don’t have to work in conservation or green finance to have a job in sustainability.

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for a career change, read on to discover the numerous opportunities sustainability offers.

What does sustainability mean?

Sustainability is about avoiding natural resource depletion and maintaining ecological balance. And it’s about living more in harmony with nature. But can organisations really decrease their resource consumption? The simple answer is yes!

In fact, many new and established businesses are doing just that. If you fancy a career in sustainability, consider what you like doing best. And then apply an eco vision to it.

Sustainability education 

Getting educated is always a good place to start. And sustainability is big in education. What Uni? lists no fewer than 127 sustainability degrees across the UK. 

But you don’t have to do a degree to improve your knowledge. Cambridge University offers online qualifications that take just weeks to complete. And if you prefer studying face-to-face, visit Study Portals for a list of courses happening nationwide.

Sustainability job roles 

With a bit of knowledge under your belt, it’s time to decide exactly what you want to do. Here are just some sustainable career ideas:

Urban planner

Urban planners assist organisations to develop land use plans. They consider communities, road systems, parks and city layouts. And they accommodate growing populations while mitigating environmental impact.

Environmental geologist

Environmental geologists study alternative energy sources and resources. They explore the planet, its ecosystems and biospheres. And they help prevent and repair damage to our ecosystems.


Ecologists study humans and the environment. They analyse how human processes affect ecosystems, often specialising in a particular area.

Sustainability engineer

Sustainability engineers design and carry out renewable energy projects. And they develop products that meet sustainability goals.

Work for a B-Corp

B-Corps meet high social, environmental, public and legal standards. And the roles they offer are varied. From social media officer or sales representative to lab assistant or manager, B corps need just about every skill imaginable.

Businesses and organisations are coming to learn the importance of sustainability. And they’re responding quickly to science and regulation changes. Public pressure is accelerating too. This means organisations are looking for ways to expand, build and use resources in more sustainable ways. With all this in mind, the outlook for careers in sustainability is excellent.

If you have a job in sustainability, we’d love to hear what you do. Log in and let us know.