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Looking for natural dental products? Try Georganics toothpaste and oral care products

Alex Rocchi spent years battling painful cavities. He’d tried all the tricks his dentists suggested. He’d used strong mouthwashes, scrubbed with high-fluoride toothpastes, and made regular trips to the dentist. But it wasn’t until he made holistic changes to his life and started using more natural dental products that his oral health finally improved.

It hadn’t been easy to find natural toothpastes. In fact, while Rocchi easily found natural soaps, moisturisers, and other healthcare products online, he couldn’t find any toothpaste. So, he started making his own and selling it at Crystal Palace Farmer’s Market. “That was when I realised a lot of people were looking for more natural dental products,” he says. And that was the beginning of Georganics.

Georganics (pronounced with a soft G and standing for Good Earth Organics) is now one of Europe’s most successful natural dental care brands. And Rocchi and his team are part of a new generation of thinkers who realise that we, as a society, need to make some serious changes for the sake of our overall health.

The move towards better dental and global health

While Georganics doesn’t make any medical claims, Rocchi is quick to point out that we need to take an integrative approach to our dental health. “If you keep eating junk,” he says, “it doesn’t matter how fluoridated your toothpaste is: You won’t have optimal dental health”. And Rocchi found that when he switched to a more natural diet, his dental health improved.

As a company, Georganics believes in the power of nature. That’s why all of its products are suitable for vegans and free from nasties such as parabens. Instead, Georganics toothpastes contain natural ingredients including activated charcoal powder, sodium bicarbonate, organic oils, and shea butter.

The range includes mineral toothpastes, oil pulling mouthwash, chewing gum, charcoal dental floss, and mouthwash tablets. They all come in a range of flavours, from orange to English peppermint. And they’re certified cruelty-free.

Georganics aims to be completely plastic-free in the near future. Its containers are made from reusable, recyclable glass and aluminium, packaged in re-purposed, biodegradable cardboard. At the moment, Georganics’ bamboo toothbrushes have nylon bristles and the sonic toothbrush is made from plastic. But the company encourages you to return these items in its Zero to Landfill scheme, promising to turn them into paper products and plastic polymers.

Where to buy Georganics natural dental products

Buy Georganics products in Boots or Holland & Barrett or subscribe online. And look out for them in our brand new online store that’s coming soon!