A PassivePod garden office

Choosing Your Perfect Eco-Friendly Garden Office

As our world continues to change, more and more people are adapting to the idea of living a modern, sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. And because of Covid-19, working from home has turned into a reality for many. So investing in an eco-friendly garden office could be the most energy-efficient and climate-friendly thing you can do to help contribute to a greener environment.

Things To Look Out For


Choose a garden office made from sustainable and renewable materials such as wood, bamboo and recycled plastic. And avoid harmful chemicals. PassivePod (main picture) offers one of the most natural, beautiful garden office options around. 


Why not opt for a green roof? It will help to insulate your property as well as reducing the power you need to use for temperature control. And as well as looking good, a green roof will also attract wildlife.


Ensure you fit the base of your garden office with a waterproof membrane to keep your space dry and cosy. Put a drainage membrane on your green roof to prevent damage to your cabin and provide adequate drainage to protect your plants.

Care and maintenance

Choosing the right location for your eco-friendly garden office is important. Try to install it in the sunniest area of your garde. And remember to keep your green roof watered in dry seasons!

How much does a garden office usually cost?

This will depend on the size of the space you are looking to buy as well as the specification you choose. A standard 2.4m x 2.4m eco-friendly garden office can cost anything between £6,000 and £20,000. 

The amount of insulation your garden office has will play a factor in the price too. It’s probably worth paying more for decent insulation since you will save money on heating in the long-term. That’s not to mention the environmental benefits to be had from using less power. 

Choosing the best technology for your garden office

Linea range from gardenffairs
The smart Linea range from GardenAffairs.co.uk

Solar panels are the best place to start. That’s because they are one of the best renewable energy sources around, provided your garden office is located in a sunny spot. Solar panels require little maintenance, making them a great investment all round.  

Another way to make your garden office more eco-friendly is to invest in smart light bulbs or LEDs which will lower your electricity cost – ultimately helping the environment.

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