Could a garden office be the best purchase you make all year?

This year saw home working – once a mere pipe dream – become a reality for almost half of all workers in the UK. It seems as though it’s here to stay. Although people have cautiously been returning to offices and other places of work, many of us have developed a taste for our new working conditions. More and more companies are choosing to allow their staff to work from home indefinitely. And the garden office industry is booming.

While working from your kitchen table or bedroom may have worked in the short-term, it’s unlikely to offer the most sustainable working conditions. That’s why we reached out to three of the best garden office creators. As you read we’ll forgive you for wondering, is now the time to purchase a garden office?

TG Escapes garden offices

Working from home could take on a new meaning in a space like this. Image by TG Escapes

It’s true, TG Escapes are at the premium end of the market when it comes to garden offices and rooms. But if you’re an artist or writer with some cash to spare, consider investing in one of these delectable builds. “When the company started out in 2003, there wasn’t much out there,” says Mark Brown, marketing consultant. That’s certainly changed now, but then, demand has also risen sharply. In fact, this year, TG Escapes have had almost double the number of enquiries.

All of their timber frames come from certified sustainable sources. The builds are well insulated with glass wool made from 80% post-consumer glass. You can even choose to use screw pile rather than cement in the foundations. And buildings can be made carbon neutral with solar panels, sun pipes and living roofs. When it comes to efficiency, all of their garden rooms are at least A-rated. In the words of Mark, “better for the planet, better for wellbeing”.

Green Retreats garden offices

This stylish office has a fitted bathroom. Image by Green Retreats

Green Retreats say they are the nation’s leading supplier of garden rooms, offices and workshops. They certainly have the green credentials. “Our showrooms, offices and production facility are completely carbon neutral,” says marketing manager, James Fox. Powered by solar energy generated on site, the company has strict environmental criteria for the materials they use and all waste is carefully recycled. On top of that, Green Retreats plants five trees for every one they use.

All of the company’s prices are based on internal floor measurements. This means they are completely transparent and you won’t encounter any nasty surprises. And it’s not all about garden offices. “We’ve also built a comic book and taxidermy studio and a garden room for a prized rabbit!” says Fox. With prices starting at under £14,000, Green Retreats could be one of the best value companies around. But don’t take our word for it. They’ve teamed up with designer and BAFTA Award-winning TV presenter Kevin McCloud who says, “each one of these buildings is crafted, thought about, cared for”.

PassivPod garden offices

Imagine having your very own sustainable, stress-reducing garden office. Image by PassivPod

PassivPod is a new venture which is just about to enter the marketplace with its innovative and breathtakingly beautiful designs. The PassivPod is a zero carbon structure, elliptical in shape. Apart from giving the pods an alluring charm and making them more resilient than other shaped builds, the egg shape means that air flows better inside. “It has also been proven that looking at curves reduces stress,” says commercial director, Clive Bonny. All-natural materials, absolutely no use of harmful chemicals and excellent use of natural light exemplify these ground-breaking designs. If you are looking for a garden office and you want to be on the cutting edge of sustainable design, PassivPod are definitely your best option.