This Sustainable Deodorant Will Make You Wild

Sustainable, vegan, aluminium-free deodorant delivered to your door

Wild is the sustainable deodorant that says you can have a positive impact on the planet every time you use it. Made from all-natural ingredients and absolutely no toxic chemicals, Wild may be the world’s first sustainable deodorant.

It comes in a range of delicious smelling scents, from classic rose to coconut to fresh mint. The case is made from aluminium and recycled plastic and the idea is that it’s built to last.

Refills are packaged in bamboo pulp which is completely compostable. It’s also possible to recycle the packaging at home.

“It’s notoriously difficult to recycle deodorant,” says Emily White, social media content executive. In fact, in the UK, bathroom waste is responsible for 30-40%  of landfill waste.

That’s why Wild made it their mission to reduce plastic in the bathroom. “But there shouldn’t be a compromise,” says Emily. “Our product had to work as well as others on the market”.

Is it possible to create a natural deodorant that actually works?

Natural deodorants usually contain bicarbonate of soda because it’s a powerful antibacterial that prevents odour. But it can be a problem. It’s very alkaline and when it mixes with acidic sweat it can cause a reaction, leading to skin irritation.

Wild deodorants do contain bicarb, but only in small amounts. In fact, Wild say that people who have had reactions from bicarb-containing products in the past have used their deodorants with no problems.

To keep the bicarb content low, Wild make use of tapioca starch to absorb sweat, cacao seed butter to slow water loss, moisturising sunflower seed wax and antibacterial coconut oil.

Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial.

On a mission

It’s a great idea for a product but Wild doesn’t stop there. They also wanted to be a climate positive company so they partnered with non-profit organisation, On a Mission.

On a Mission works on reforestation projects around the world. And while helping companies offset their emissions is part of their work, it’s not their end goal. “Our aim is not to offset carbon, says On a Mission founder, Frederic Fournier. “Our aim is to support sustainable reforestation projects”.

By developing long-term relationships with companies such as Wild, On a Mission helps people in various countries benefit more from their environments.

Any carbon that Wild releases into the atmosphere during production is offset with the planting of trees. And while their packaging comes from China at present, their goal is to eventually bring all production back to the UK.

OPOH recommends

The case is attractive and durable, and the refills are simple to insert. I sampled three scents: orange zest, bergamot, and mint fresh. They both smell good but not overpowering.

The deodorant glides on and there is no sticky feeling. Half an hour after applying it for the first time, I found I had to wipe away a white residue. But I think I applied too much. The next time I used and there was no white gunk.

I applied the product in the morning and by lunchtime the smell had worn off. That’s fine for me. By evening, my armpits had absolutely no smell. Perfect.

I don’t think the subscription option is for me, as I probably use less deodorant than other people (working from home, it’s not so necessary). But I love it that Wild has an option for buying refills on a one-off basis. And I’m definitely going to buy some in the future.

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