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6 sustainable and ethical clothing brands in the UK

The fashion industry is, by its very nature, unsustainable. People have become used to buying each season’s must-have look. But there is a backlash against all this. And there are more ethical clothing brands in the UK than ever before.

After fast fashion first appeared in the 1990s, brands began producing at a faster and faster pace. And the industry is global. Designers lived in one country and manufacturers in another. Like this, it’s impossible to ensure transparency.

The UK produces over 200,000 tons of textiles waste every year. And it doesn’t stop there. Many garment workers labour in unsafe conditions. Salaries are often shamefully low due to fast fashion’s business model of churning out cheap clothing lines quickly. 

Now is the time to make more mindful, socially responsible choices when it comes to what you wear. But just what is sustainable and ethical clothing?

Ethical clothing brands in the UK

Ethical clothing brands in the UK treat their workers fairly all along the supply chain. They consider their use of resources and energy. And they work to reduce their carbon emissions and impact on our waterways. 

A sustainable brand disposes of chemicals safely and uses no or very few animal products. Put simply, ethical brands take care of people, the planet and animals.

With all this in mind, you might be wondering which UK brands are ethical and sustainable. We’ve compiled a list so you don’t have to wonder any longer. Enjoy!

People Tree

This brand describes itself as “a pioneer in sustainable, Fair Trade fashion”. Founded in 1991, People Tree makes every product to the highest ethical and environmental standards. The brand uses eco-friendly materials and respects its workers. 

Franks London

Franks London specialises in limited-run, made-to-order clothing. By using upcycled fabrics, the brand reduces unnecessary waste. Each care label details who made the item. And you can reduce your impact even more by using its rental service.

Pin Denim

Pin Denim sources and sells vintage denim. Chloe Culpin founded the online store in the middle of the 2020 Covid lockdown. With a background in denim design and personal shopping, Culpin is passionate about helping women find the perfect jeans.


Birdsong’s ethical and sustainable clothing is made responsibly by women in the UK. Products are made by talented women who are paid a fair wage. And the company also donates to local charities that struggle for funding.

Buttress & Snatch

Buttress & Snatch do not factory produce their lingerie. Each piece is made to order in Hackney, London. Workers are treated fairly and most of the company’s fabric is either deadstock, recycled or organic.

Lucy & Yak

Love dungarees? So does Lucy & Yak. After travelling and sewing their way around the world, the founders went looking for a family. The idea was simple: the family would help them and they would help the family. Lucy & Yak now pays its 13 workers a living wage. And the brand sells any piece that is less than perfect at a discounted price on Depop

So there you have it. These sustainable UK clothing brands are doing a great job of changing the fashion world forever.