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Image by Delphis Eco

Delphis Eco: Ethical cleaning products made in Britain

You may not have heard of Delphis Eco. But if you’ve ever pushed a trolley through Sainsbury’s or Iceland, you’ll have walked on a floor mopped by their products. If you’ve ever dined in Wagamama, you’ll have sat at a Delphis Eco-cleaned table.

And if you’ve ever visited Manchester’s Trafford Centre, you’ll have noticed its 3.5 miles of gleaming brass: all of it polished every single night with Delphis Eco’s ethical cleaning products.

They even supply the royal household and hold two royal warrants.

So exactly who are Delphis Eco and why do you need to know about them?

Set up by ex-banker, Mark Jankovich, in 2007, Delphis Eco make more than 100 ethical cleaning products. It may not sound like the most exciting of consumerist products. But when you consider that every year we humans belch 250 billion tonnes of toxic substances into the atmosphere, using kinder products in your home begins to sound like a good idea.   

They only launched into retail in 2019. But at that point, Delphis Eco already had more than a decade’s experience of working business to business. The news headlines in the past couple of years have really helped put climate change on the map: More and more people are ready to make a change.

“The world has awoken to what it means to be sustainable,” says Jankovich, “and this has led to a surge in the green cleaning sector.” Delphis Eco is one of the few businesses that has thrived since the pandemic began, reporting a revenue increase of 140 percent.

Image by Delphis Eco

What makes Delphis Eco different to the other eco-cleaning companies out there?

All of their products are British-made, for a start. And since the Global Tariff now means that all goods imported into the UK will be taxed, buying British has never seemed like such a good idea.

Delphis Eco are a certified B Corporation, meaning they meet high sustainability standards. And they don’t test on animals or use harmful phosphates or phosphonates. But that’s not all. Delphis Eco were the first UK manufacturers to achieve EU eco-label accreditation, a true testimony to their green credentials.

But perhaps the most pioneering thing the company has done to date is to create the world’s first-ever 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. “In 2020 we prevented an estimated two million milk bottles going to landfill,” says Jankovich.

The bottles are made of a raw grade of plastic that you can easily recycle again and again. And while the future promises reusable bottles, it’s already possible to save a lot of waste with Delphis Eco.

Buy a five-litre bottle, for example, and you can fill up a smaller bottle several times, drastically reducing the amount of waste you generate. Opt for one of the concentrated products and you could get up to 166 refills out of it.

Is now the time to try ethical cleaning products?

Jankovich says yes. “We’ve tested our products in some of the most challenging commercial environments,” he says. These days, consumers are clearly driving change.

So if you want to support a homegrown company, do your bit for the planet, and have a sparkly clean home, give Delphis Eco a try.