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Image by Marius Masalar on Unsplash

6 Non-material Christmas gift ideas

Are you or your loved ones tired of meaningless, unwanted Christmas gifts? Have you had enough of contributing to landfill or plastic pollution? No problem. This list of 6 non-material Christmas gifts will fix that. 

A class or course

Learning is great for your mental wellbeing. Why not help a friend or family member pursue a passion? There is an amazing array of courses out there to suit every budget. Udemy is an online platform boasting 183,000 different courses. But don’t buy straight away. Sign up, then wait a few weeks for the discounts to come in. If online classes are not ideal, perhaps consider cooking, art or even driving lessons. The choices are endless. 

A personalised playlist

Non-material Christmas gifts don’t have to cost a thing. Why not curate a thoughtful playlist with your loved one’s favourite tunes? Compile songs that remind you of the good times. Or introduce them to something completely new. Spotify is a popular platform for playlists but there are several alternatives available

An animal experience

An animal experience always makes a memorable gift. And it’s suitable for children and adults alike. Just be sure to choose something ethical. From llama walking and bird of prey experiences to meeting a meerkat, an animal experience is a really great way to get up close to some beautiful beasts.

Concerts & shows

Spending time with those you love is surely priceless. And what better way to do it than at a show or concert? There are options to suit all budgets. Go for a real treat at The Royal Albert Hall. Or choose something more low-key such as the local pantomime. Maybe you prefer a good dance to live music. There are hundreds of events to choose from, covering all possible tastes. 

Your services

Sometimes the most appreciated gifts are free. Why not offer your own thoughtful, bespoke services? A night of babysitting, perhaps? Or a day or two sharing your skills? Present a few days of pet sitting. Or give some DIY help. And you can make your gift it extra special by designing your own voucher.

A magazine subscription

A magazine subscription is a great gift for any friend or family member. And it’s not just for Christmas, but the whole year. Not only that, once they’ve read it, they can pass it on to someone else to appreciate. There is a huge range of magazines to choose from. 

As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. Often our most memorable gift is time. Taking the time and care to prepare non-material Christmas gifts for those you love carries so much more meaning than a stocking filler. Its value reaches far beyond its monetary value.