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Top 5 EV home chargers

If you’re considering making the swap to electric vehicle (EV), you’ll be wondering how you’re going to charge it. EVs come with cables you can connect to a standard domestic plug. But getting yourself a wall-mounted home charger will enable much faster charging. Trouble is, there are so many EV home chargers on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

You need to know this first

Most suppliers of EV home chargers provide two power rating options: 3 kW and 7 kW. If your car has a fast onboard charger, the 7 kW option will be faster. But beware, 7kW options are also more expensive. A 7 kW unit can give a full charge in around six hours whereas a 3 kW can take up to 13 hours. 

I checked out the Auto Express EV driver survey to discover the best home charge wallboxes according to the experts. Here’s what I learned about the top 5 EV home chargers:

Zappi (86.86%)

British firm, Myenergi has created the Zappi which ranks at number one. Its wallbox scores higher than any other for its installation process, charging speed, reliability and build quality. Customers report that Zappi units are stylish and customer service is good.

Ohme (85.55%)

Ohme comes a close second in this survey. It ranks highest for customer service and its smartphone app. But customers report the wallbox is not as stylish as it could be.

Pod Point (83.29%)

Pod Point makes a range of well-rated wallboxes.  It’s also known for its public chargers and has partnered with names such as Tesco and Volkswagen. The app would benefit from some improvement, say users.

EO (83.27%)

EO scores highly for reliability. According to customers, the chargers are easy to use and stylish. But the model lost points for its app.

Wallbox (82.59%)

Wallbox scored highly in the ease-of-use and reliability categories but scored lower for the app.

Now you’ve discovered the top EV home chargers, check out tomorrow’s article to learn about UK networks.